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Pizza Special $10
XL 16" Pizza 2 Topping + 1Dip
PIZZA PICK UP 10 MINUTES  call: 204-940-7771,
511 Hamilton Ave, Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada, best deal in City,Try Pizza  Quality is
Great,If You Like Good (PIZZA) Food , Try try it ,Pizza Unicity   Winnipeg, Manitoba
    WINNIPEG Westwood Winnipeg  Assiniboia Winnipeg  Charleswood  Winnipeg Headingley  
    Welcome to  22 Pizza 511 Hamilton Pizza  Feeling hungry? Order Pizza  Get  Quality Pizza
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We Promise To Always  Serve  The Best Food Made Especially For You!
BIG 4 -XL 16"Pizzas $34
Any 2 Toppings On Each Pizzas
FREE  3 Dips  FREE 8 Can Pops
or 12"Garlic Breads, pizza pizza
Pizza Delivery,  Under $20
1- XL 16"Pizza                                                      
+ 6 Toppings  &100% Mozzarella                                          
4 Cans OF POP                                        
+10 Wings + 1 Dip
+BEST PIZZA DELIVERY  $19.99      
Welcome to  Winnipeg, If you are finding Pizza in Winnipeg with low price  and  best quality  pizza, (pizza Pizza)We serve best Pizza  Delivery  in Winnipeg. Try to us For Pizza
Carryout (Takeout), Pizza Delivery.   Pizza  Winnipeg
(St. James)  511 Hamilton Ave. Winnipeg MB.   Phone: 204-940-7771 “22 Pizza  Hamilton  You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door i
Order Pizza 22  Winnipeg TOPPINGS
Cheese: Special Mozzarella, Feta Cheese,  Cheddar  
Meats: Pepperoni, Bacon,  Italian Sausage,  Salami,  Ham,
Ground Beef, Shrimp, Grilled or BBQ Chicken, Hot Sausage,
Vegetables:  Fresh Mushrooms, Red Onion,   Green Pepper,
Roasted Red Pepper,   Black or Green Olives,
Hot Banana Pepper,  Jalapeno Pepper,  Pineapple &  Fresh
Tomatoes,Sun-Dried Tomatoes,  Broccoli, Grilled Zucchini
Free Toppings: Extra Sauce, Chili Pepper,    Fresh,Garlic, Pizza Best
Pizza Menu, pizza Menu,Pizza Place Winnipeg  ,Pizza Unicity near Winnipeg, Manitoba
Order Any
1- XL 16'' PIZZA  $ 14.50
1- med 12'' PIZZA $ 10.99
Welcome to Winnipeg Pizza Delivery  Best Pizza Restaurant in Winnipeg,MB
We use  Fresh  Dough on our Crusts,Regular,Thin or thick Crust
         Sm 10"    Med 12"   Lrg 14"     XL 16"
# 1 Pizza $ 9.00     $ 11.50     $ 13.99      $ 14.50
# 2 Pizza $16.99    $ 22.99     $ 27.99      $ 28.99
Best Deal in Canada PIZZA Delivery With  speciality Pizzas
Butter Chicken - Pizza -
Butter chicken Sauce,Grilled Chicken,Red onion,Red Pepper,Mozzarella Cheese
Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Ham, Fresh Tomatoes & Mozzarella
Olives, Onion, Sun dried Tomatoes, Grilled Zucchini,  Broccoli, Feta Cheese
Pepperoni, Mushroom, Green Pepper,Onion,Salami,Sausage,Ham, Bacon & Mozzarella
BBQ Chicken, bacon Cheddar Cheese, Green Pepper, Onions,  Extra Mozzarella Cheese
Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Salami, Ground Beef, Italian Sausage & Mozzarella Cheese   
Pepperoni,Mushroom,Bacon,Green Pepper & Extra  Mozzarella
Pepperoni, Mushroom, Bacon, Green pepper, Red onion, Extra Cheese    
2 Ham, 2 Pineapple  & 100% Mozzarella Cheese
Ground beef, Jalapeno, Green pepper,Onions, Tomatoes,Cheddar & 100% Mozzarella
Feta cheese, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Black OR Green Olives,Spinach, Fresh Garlic, 100% Cheese
Red onion, Green pepper, Mushroom,Tomatoes, Red  Roasted  Pepper, Black Olives, Cheddar cheese  
Tomatoes, Green pepper, Onion, Spicy grilled Chicken, Hot  Banana Pepper, Red roasted pepper, Cheddar  
3 Pepperoni, 2 Extra Mozzarella Cheese
Shrimp Pizza -
Mushroom  Onion, Shrimp, Green pepper, Hot banana pepper, Cheddar cheese  &  Mozzarella  
Multi Cheese Pizza-
Special mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, Cheddar cheese
22 Spice Pizza  -
Ground Beef, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Jalapeno Hot Banana Peppers,Cheddar Cheese  
Garlic Ranch,Grilled Chicken,Red Onion,Fresh Tomatoes & 100% Mozzarella
Buy any 2 specialty Pizzas and add 2L Pop Or 6 Cans Pop Or 12"Garlic Bread Or McCain Cake Or Cheesy Bread for Only $1.99
Order Pizza: Pizza Ready at The Right Time Thanks Choosing, 22 Pizza,Order Online Now: 204-940-7771, Fast Pizza Delivery, Pizza,Pizza Delivery. Real
good Pizza,You Try  you know, Real Good Price and Fast
,Proudly serving The Winnipeg, 22 Pizza uses Fresh Products and Premium-Quality ingredients to create some of the best pizzas in Tow
MONDAY SPECIAL 16" XL Pizza 2 Topping $ 7.53
PIZZA ,  Pizza ,511 Hamilton Ave,  Winnipeg , Call: 204-940-7771 ,      |  Winnipeg Pizza |        | Pizza |    pizza Pick up | PIZZA PICK UP 10 MINUTES   Pizza delivery,Pizza & Pizzerias in Winnipeg
Pizza Delivery     Pizza #1   $27.99   Up size 2 XL 16" Party Pizza $ 3.99           
2-12" Med Pizzas 6 Toppings + 12 Chicken Wings + 2 Dip + 6 Cans Pop + 12" Garlic Bread  Or Caesar Salad Or Mccain
Pizzas Delivery EXPERTS  Winnipeg , PIZZA DELIVERY FRESH & HOT at Your Door,Hotels,Offices,Pizzas  Deliver St. James,Charles wood Winnipeg,Westwood
Winnipeg & Headingley Winnipeg,Pizza Unicity  Winnipeg, Manitoba,Call 204 940 7771
12" Pizza  2 Toppings  12 Chicken Wings     $15.99        
16" Pizza  + $3.00   Order Pizza & Wing Delivery         PIZZA & WINGS
Proudly Serving The Winnipeg, 22 Pizza uses fresh products and premium-Quality ingredients to create some of the best pizzas in Tow
Pizza Deal # 3     
PIZZA Delivery  
2-12" Pizzas   
8 Toppings,
2 L Pop or
12" Garlic bread
Up size XL
16" Party
Pizza $3.99
Best in  Winnipeg  Pizza Delivery,  511 Hamilton Ave,Winnipeg,  
Call(204)940-7771,, Best Pizzeria Winnipeg
Pizza Pizza  #511, 12" Pizza pizza 1Topping
$ 5.99 Pizza pizza,Take out  pizza pizza,Call 204-940-7771,511 Hamilton ave,winnipeg,Mb ,CA
Pizza Shop Winnipeg   2 - 10" Pizzas 10 Toppings $17  Pizza Shop,Pizza Best in world Try it ,enjoy Pizza,you want  open Shop Pizza I Help  you
PIZZA WINNIPEG St James, 511 Hamilton  Ave, School Lunch & Catering Pizza Special  Minimum Order  10 XL 16"
Pizzas  Per Pizza Only  $8.99 + Tax Your Choice 2 toppings+Cheese     Per Pizza You Can Choose 8,10 or 12 Slices per
Pizza Call to us   Pick Up or Free Delivery at        the Right Time Thanks Choosing Flying Pizza Hamilton Ave, Pizza,
Pizza Menu,
                     Restaurants, pizza Best Pizza Restaurants,511 Hamilton Ave,Winnipeg,MB,CA   
Ph:  (204) 940-7771
Best Pizza 22 in Winnipeg,Manitoba
Pizza | Pizza Delivery | 22 Pizza | Winnipeg       
Pizza twenty Two,  22 Pizza
511 Hamilton Avenue, WINNIPEG
Call: 204-940-7771
Pizza Unicity Winnipeg, Manitoba
PIZZA DELIVERY - We accept all major credit and debit cards upon Pizza delivery, Deliver
EXPERTS Winnipeg
*Prices subject to change   Winnipeg Pizza delivery  Pizza Hot & Fresh
Pizza Deliver AT The Right Time Delivery Time Only 25 Minutes We can Deliver Pizza. Its is
Great Service For Pizza Delivery Call Now(204)9407771        WINNIPEG PIZZA "Great food,
great price and the service is great too!"
Any Offers Cannot be Combined. Please Mention
Specials Before Ordering.
Proudly serving The Winnipeg ,22 Pizza uses Fresh products and premium-Quality ingredients to create some of the best pizzas in Tow
Offer Best Deal & Pizza in Canada
XL 16" Pizza + 3 Topping $10,
511 Hamilton Ave,pizza pizza Winnipeg   Code  : PIZZA Pizza
Gluten Free Crust Available
Best Quality Best  deal
22 Pizza Winnipeg
XL 16" PARTY PIZZA  2 Toppings each  + 2 Dips
1 st XL 16" PARTY PIZZA  $10.99
2nd XL 16" PARTY PIZZA  $  9.99
3 rd XL 16" PARTY PIZZA  $ 7.99
Best Pizza deal  PIZZA DELIVERY  If You Hungry You Finding Pizza,22 Pizza is Best Pizza& Low Price in Winnipeg
22 Pizza  # 18  3 ON 3 PIZZAS  
3-12"Med Pizzas 9 Toppings
6 Cans or 12"Garlic Bread.$25.99
Up size 3-XL 16" Pizza. $ 6.00       
22 Pizza, Call 204.9407771, Affordable Best  Pizza  in Winnipeg,   Pizza  Delivery |
511 Hamilton Ave, Winnipeg, MB,CA
Pizza Delivery | 22 Pizza Winnipeg 22 Pizza Winnipeg Best Pizza And For Fast of Hot and Delicious Pizza Delivery, Pizza,Wings, Bread,Salad,Fries,Onion Rings,Order Pizza,Pizza 22,Pizza, coupons, Menu ,Pizza pizza
Order Pizza # 2    2-12" Pizzas
4 Topping +1 Dip
Order Pizza   2- XL 16"    $23.99
+ 4 Toppings + 2 Order 12"Garlic Breads
or 6 Can Pops & 12"Garlic Bread + 2Dips
PIZZA # 4       $14.99
1-XL 16" Pizza
3 Toppings
+ 3 Cans of Pop +1 dip
22 Pizza all ways low price
 Pizza Pizza #1
2-Med 12" Pizzas      
+ 6 Toppings
+ 12 Chicken Wings
+ 2 Dips + 6 Cans Pop
+12"Garlic Bread
or Caesar Salad
Up size to XL 16" $ 4.00
pizza pizza, # 1,511 Hamilton ave ,r2y1w9, Winnipeg,MB  
                                 Pizza,            PIZZA 22
pizza is an Oven-Baked Fresh Dough bread  Typically Fresh Topped with a Full Red Tomato Sauce,Mozzarella  Cheese and Various Fresh Toppings
(Fresh So Many Types Vegetables,Fresh Meats,and Fresh so many Types Cheeses) person Can not Make Pizza Without Experience ,If Make Good Pizza
it is Very  healthy food, So you need good Experience ,
Pizza screen And Pizza Pan I offer more Screen Pizza More Better Pizza. I have 10 year
Experience  Still Learning no end, so surprised,The modern Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy, and the  Dish has Since become popular in many parts of the
World,The word Pizza in Italian means Pie. Pizza has become one of the most loved convenience foods. Pizza is very popular food in Winnipeg. Like pizza,22
pizza is  Using fresh meats,
Fresh vegetables and cheese to create some of the  your most famous pizza in The Town and 10 year Experience Better pizza
Try best deal & Real best pizza
in Winnipeg if you try you Know
22 Pizza ,511 Hamilton Ave, XL Pizza,3 topping,3 Pop ,1 dip,$14.99,Best Pizza delivery in Winnipeg
Every Body Wright Using Fresh Meats and Cheese to Create Some of The Best Pizza in Winnipeg,If You Try 22 Pizza in Winnipeg,is The Best Pizza in Winnipeg
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Pizza Delivery | 22 Pizza | Winnipeg 22 Pizza Winnipeg Best Pizza And For Fast of Hot and Delicious Pizza Delivery, Pizza,Wings, Bread,Salad,Fries,Onion Rings,Order Pizza,Pizza 22,Pizza, coupons, Menu ,Pizza pizza
22 Pizza
511 Hamilton Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R2Y1W9 CA
Phone: 2049407771 Website:
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